LABIRINT Agency of Industrial Property is the only authorized specialized agency in the district of Arad, put down into the National Register administered by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), Bucharest.
Member of A.N.C.P.I.R. Bucharest.

We offer competent, quick and confidential services in relation with clients` needs and in concordance with the most recent Romanian and international legislation, concerning the obtaining of juridical protection documents for your products and /or technologies here and abroad, which offers:
  • Exclusive right for exploitation and trading
  • Penalization of unloyal competition, counterfeit or other rights of industrial property
  • Sale through cession contract, licences and know-how
  • Tax exemption from profit in keeping with the law of patents of invention
Consulting in intellectual property management and authorized competent representation in legal proceedings towards OSIM and third person.

Costs can be higher than profits if you have the bad-luck that your unprotected products and / or technologies be copied by others.
Ignorance doesn`t absolve anyone from juridical responsibility.

Counterfeit is punished with penalty or prison, damage payment and confiscation of products.

LABIRINT Agency of Industrial Property is open for competent consulting and representation, with a professional top level experience in the field of intellectual, personal and juridical property.